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Grits & Gumbo, Cooks in the Kitchen of My Life
Grits & Gumbo, Cooks in the Kitchen of My Life, is the start of a journey that captures and highlights people and food of the African Diaspora.  Starting with what I know family and friends who have nurtured and inspired me through food and spirit are profiled.  Each person opened their kitchen, held a conversation about their food tastes, preferences, and experiences, and as an extra bonus prepared a wonderful meal.  The gorgeous pictures in the book capture those moments. 
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • MaTank
  • Moma
  • Daddy
  • Saleema & Momar Curtis
  • Inge Ford
  • Patricia Daniels
  • Patricia Ackason
  • Deirdra Chester
  • Clarence & Dianna Stukes
I loved doing this book! It's not a cookbook, but more a collection of food thoughts, beliefs, and memories coupled with great photos. The photographer, William (Bill) Boyd is a wonderfully creative artist.  Praises and thanks go to my family and friends featured.  Grits & Gumbo starts with them.  However, it has inspired me to continue the journey exploring food, spirit and the African Diaspora. 
I hope you take the journey with me. To order Grits & Gumbo, Cooks in the Kitchen of My Life, click on the link below.
Grits & Gumbo